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Hair Transplantation
Success of hair transplantation surgery is completely dependent on the expertise and efficiency of the hair transplant surgeon performing the operation. At JMJ Cosmetics, arguably the best hair transplant centre in Hyderabad, Dr. Jagdish M. Jyoti has established himself as one of the premier exponents of hair transplantation surgery.
Hair Transplantation is a procedure wherein patients own hair follicles are recycled and replanted into areas of hair loss.This procedure is routinely performed for male pattern baldness. However indications can be extended on selected cases to scar alopecia, Scar over eyebrows or mustache and recession of frontal hairlines in females.Technique of hair restoration has evolved from scalp reduction, mini grafts and micro grafts to follicular unit grafting. Follicular unit grafting can be done by Follicular unit transplant (FUT) and Follicular unit Extraction (FUE) Method.

Surgical procedure :
FUT technique is routinely followed in our centre. This procedure is done under local Anesthesia and as a day care. Patient arrives at our clinic by mid day and leaves home by late evening. After proper selection, a suitable hair line is first marked considering the aesthetic and facial dimensions. A strip of scalp is harvested with hair follicles from the occipital region (Back of head). This area is chosen as the donor because the longevity of these hairs is almost life long. The donor area is closed by approximating the edges of scalp using suture material which has to be removed in two weeks. The Strip is then slivered by a team of trained staffs (Doctors and Nurses) to yield grafts containing single, two, three and four hair follicles. These grafts are transplanted to areas of hair loss using the “Stick and place technique”. Patient is sent home without any dressing. A normal cap can be worn for presentable appearance. Transplanted hairs may fall within three weeks and starts to grow after four months.

Preoperative Instructions :
Patient is advised to discontinue all medical treatment he has been taking for hair fall.Hair cut is to be avoided for four weeks before surgery.
Blood pressure has to be within normal limits. If high, medications will be started preoperatively. Scalp has to be washed with half a cap of Betadine scrub solution (Instead of Shampoo) the night before and on the day of surgery.
Oral Antibiotic has to be taken the night before and on the day of surgery.
Patient can have a light breakfast and report to the clinic.
No gel / oil to be applied on hair and no jewels to be worn.

Postoperative Instructions :
Light diet on the day of surgery and normal diet from the next day onwards.
Oral Antibiotic, mild Steroids and pain relief medications to be taken three times a day after food.
Hair wash after four days with Betadine scrub solution(like a shampoo) and regularly thereafter.
Sutures at the back has to be removed between two and three weeks depending on the tightness of closure.
Driving is to be avoided on the day of surgery.
Outdoor activity could be resumed after hair wash on the fourth day.
Hair could be trimmed six weeks after surgery.
Swimming and gym activity could be resumed after four weeks from surgery.

After effects of the procedure :
Slight swelling of the upper half of face for three to four days due to descent of fluid injected during the procedure.
Patchy areas of numbness on the scalp would recover spontaneously in a couple of months.
Permanent linear scar at the back which would be visible only if head is shaved.

Dr. Jagdish M. Jyoti
JMJ Hair Transplant Clinic
Mon to Sat : 11:00am to 07:00pm
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